Excellent experience—more than we ever would've hoped for - Okay, so first things first: I'm not Catholic. (My bride-to-be and now wife is, although she's a bit... lapsed, you might say.) Naturally, this filled me with angst, given less than positive experiences at Catholic friends' weddings (a particularly irascible priest yelling at me for using a cellphone in the church vestibule, among other not-great memories).  Luckily, Father Christopher was... wait for it... a godsend. He's pretty much singlehandedly changed my view of priests (for the better, I mean). Helps that he's fluent in multiple disciplines and thus good company at dinner and such—which he made himself available for in our city even though he lives nowhere near it. That, to us, went far beyond the call, to say nothing of his being someone we actually wanted to see and talk to and break bread with. But now I'm repeating myself.  Anyway, long story short, go with the Padre here. Your wedding will be the better for it, on so many levels. – Mike and Kim (Outdoor Catholic-Methodist wedding ceremony), from New York City Wedding Ceremony Venue: The Garden on Millbrook, Raleigh, NC

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