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Why I love wedding ceremonies – A Q&A with Father Christopher

Why do you love wedding ceremonies?

A wedding is a blending of two special stories, a joining of two unique paths. Nothing gives me greater joy than to send a newly married couple up the aisle into their new life, with God’s blessing on their heads and God’s love in their hearts.

Words cannot express how happy we are and how amazing the ceremony was!!!! Everyone is saying they have never been to a more personal, touching wedding. Thank you so much for working with us and giving us the ceremony that we exactly wanted!!!!”  – Megan and Phil Read more →

Why do couples choose Father Christopher?

Fr. Christopher Ross Wedding Officiant

I create beautiful wedding ceremonies that are unique to you, honoring your traditions, your beliefs and your customs. Readings, prayers and rituals are selected and crafted to reflect your special story, bringing together an elegant mix of dignity, humor and solemnity. Couples also choose me because I am open and flexible, eager to discover the best way to reveal your love for each other. In addition, I am happy to perform wedding ceremonies in all venues, including outdoors.

I look forward to hearing your story. Call me at 434-572-7436 or email me to discuss your wedding ideas and how I can help create a ceremony that reflects your individuality.

Do you perform interfaith wedding ceremonies?

Absolutely. Whether your backgrounds, denominational ties and current affiliations are identical or vastly different, at the heart of everyone’s faith are truth, love, and God, and that is the level at which your lives are joined. It is your wedding ceremony and so must represent all that each of you brings to it. My ceremonies have included prayers and rituals in Hebrew and in Spanish as well as in English, and from Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Native American and Buddhist traditions, incorporating practices handed down from ethnicities all over the world.

What we loved about working with Father Christopher was that his response was always, this is YOUR ceremony and I want it to be what YOU want it to be. And…it was. The absolutely perfect ceremony that we wanted.– Jessica and Jeremy Read more →

What are your personal beliefs?

I believe that the core of our humanity is basic goodness, that the essence of everyone reflects the perfection of our Creator. God rejects no one and so I welcome people of all faiths as well as people whose spirituality does not reflect a particular tradition.

What is your background?

I was born into a Jewish family and given a Jewish education. My search for my own intensely personal, individual and intimate connection to God subsequently led me to embrace Buddhism, Quakerism and New Age philosophy, all of which continue to contribute to my ongoing spiritual formation. Baptized and confirmed in the Episcopal Church, I was ordained a priest in the independent Catholic movement on March 1, 2003.  In 2014, I retired as Chancellor of  the United American Catholic Church. The following year, I became a member of The Congregation at Duke University Chapel, described as “a Christian church of an unusually interdenominational character.”

Father Christopher was fantastic to work with. We chose him because of his religious background, as our families are Catholic, but needed someone who could perform a ceremony at the resort without a problem of it not being a church.  – Coleen and Clay Read more →

What other qualifications do you have?

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, I attended the University of Cincinnati and hold a B.A. degree in English and Spanish. I also studied at the University of Salamanca, in Spain. Then I moved to New York City, where I spent most of my adult life.

During my career in human resources on Wall Street and in New York City government, I lived in Hong Kong for several years and traveled throughout Asia and the Pacific. Currently, I live in Durham, North Carolina, and in South Boston, Virginia, where I am a chaplain in the Intensive Care Unit of my local hospital. I am also a Reiki Master and spiritual director and I teach classes in meditation and mindfulness.

When I discovered the independent Catholic movement, I followed the tradition of “reading for orders” and studied privately with my Archbishop for several years, leading to ordination.

An avid reader and writer all my life, I was invited in September of 2013 to write a weekly column for a website called Boomer Living Plus. My stories range from personal reflections based on life experiences to examinations of issues confronting us as a nation and as a world. A new column appears every Sunday. Follow me on

Now that you’ve read a little about me, I want to hear more about you. Call me at 434-572-7436 or contact me to discuss your wedding and how I can help make your ceremony reflect your needs and desires.

Words cannot describe how sweet and kind he is and we could not be happier with our ceremony.
– Brenda and Amanda Read more →
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